If you’ve seen me for acupuncture, you know I talk about digestion. A LOT. Our overly processed American diets are often causing things like constipation, IBS, diarrhea, pain in the belly, gas, and the list goes on. Often a culprit of digestive irregularity is a food sensitivity to something that you’re eating. This isn’t a food allergy (IgM response), but a rejection by the small intestine, which creates an inflammatory response from a different part of the immune system (IgG response). I often recommend food sensitivity testing to my patients. Everly Well tests are my go to at-home testing kits for food allergies, but they also run thyroid panels, cholesterol, and many others.

They’re super easy! They mail you the kit, you mail it back, and they give you results within the same week. This will tell you for sure what your body is sensitive to, and knowing what to avoid eating will make your digestive system so much happier, which can only improve overall health. I encourage anyone with digestive irregularities to do a food sensitivity panel.

Click on the image below to order, but here are common tests that they offer:

  • Food sensitivities – 96 common food triggers including gluten, dairy, soy, nuts
  • Thyroid panel – TSH, Free T3/T4, TPO
  • Men’s Panel – Cortisol, DHEA, Estradiol, Free Testosterone
  • Vitamin D levels