Welcome, Patient!
I hope you enjoyed your acupuncture treatment. We probably talked about some of the following information, but I like to have it in writing so you always have access to it. Feel free to explore and we can go over any questions you have at your next appointment

  • Supplements
    • I carry the Thorne line in clinic, and will most always have the essentials on hand. If you need to order from Amazon, here’s a Buyer’s Guide for anything that you need. If you want to save 10% on all of your vitamins, I have an online pharmacy called Wellevate that you can order from. Free shipping on orders over $49.
  • I HIGHLY recommend a food sensitivity test if you have digestion issues – constipation, bloating, IBS, loose stool, etc. EverlyWell is an at home test kit that tests for 197 different foods that can be irritating the gut, creating inflammation, and harming your fertility potential.
  • Circle and Bloom Fertility & IVF Meditations – patients love these mindfulness relaxation meditations. C&B has meditations for IVF, FET, IUI, and PCOS.
  • If you need to order your own labs online, Ulta Labs is great if you can’t get to your doctor – there are hundreds of labs you can order, but most popular with my patient base would be Vitamin D, a full thyroid panel, AMH, and progesterone labs on cycle day 21. You order them online, and then go to a QuestLabs close to you.
  • Bone Broth and Congee – both wonderful to add to your diet as they heal the gut and are easily digestible.
  • Castor Oil Packs