Whether it’s unexplained infertility or a diagnosable condition such as PCOS, endometriosis, or low ovarian reserve, unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant can be a big stressor in one’s life. Acupuncture can help! In addition to diet and lifestyle recommendations, acupuncture treatment for fertility involves regulating your menstrual cycle so that you’re having a regular predictable period, you’re ovulating normally, and your PMS symptoms are controlled.
First, we take a detailed look at what is happening in your body in order to make a Chinese Medical diagnosis. We look at markers like digestion, sleep, and stress level. We’ll have you start tracking your basal body temperatures (BBTs) to detect any imbalances. We adjust your acupuncture and herbal regimen according to where you are on your cycle, your Chinese Medical diagnosis, your BBT chart, and the monthly progress you’re making. We are working on optimizing your health and working on getting your body into balance so you’re able to carry a healthy pregnancy. For more research on acupuncture for fertility, click here.
A minimum three month course of treatment is recommended.

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